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Had a lecture on ayurvedic medicine and brain injury. I was quite excited, but um, that was one confusing lecturer. He didn't even come close to answering the questions, he read word for word the bullet points from his slides with no explanation. I'd almost say it was a language barrier, but, um...English is one of India's national languages.

So what I took from it? Almond oil! Ghee! Use them in some way, as they are empirically proven to do something. Very important. *nods earnestly*

Vagrant status: Still present. Made him change the oil my car, at least.

Oh, and Hermione seems to be leaking oil. At an alarming rate. Only Brian lost his registration, so I can't drive his car onto base to park it until he procures a copy. Hence, this conversation at AutoZone. Register man boggles at my armload of bottles. "Wow, you really like this oil or something?" I explain the situation, and how I'm just pouring a quart of oil in the car a night until I can take her to the shop. "So, that's a good plan, right? Totally safe?" Pause. "Let me give you the name of a good mechanic..."
I think I'm in thera-flu withdrawal. I slept about 3 hours last night. Luckily, I seem to be in the fun, silly, cracked out sleep deprived state instead of the exhausted one.

I have a patient with the diagnosis "hostile pelvis". That's just awesome. Ok, I'm sure it's actually quite horrible and tragic. And it's terribly immatured that I snickered in the back of room when the doctor said it. And, no the patient wasn't there...I'm not that horrible a person.

In other news...the unintentional hostel I seem to be running? Yeah, business is booming. Or rather it would be, if anyone were paying rent. Once again, vagrant (now entering his third month of moochery), brought his girlfriend down to visit. And this weekend, his whole family's visiting. *cries*

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to going home, demanding the remote from the squatters, and subjecting them to last night's ANTM. The evil powers of Tyra Banks will drive them away from my living room! Muwahahahaha! Oh, ye gods, please let it be as deliciously trashy as last week!

And yes, when I'm done with my tv crackfest, I intend to let the DVR play it over and over as a deterrent while I play my video games. Tyra Banks is to real people like garlic is to vampires. They will be forced to retreat from my presence. And should they manage brave the living room and wrest the remote control from me, I'm enforcing my no pervert Law & Order rule this time around. That sex crime shit is fucked up, yo. I'm pretty sure Brian will back me up with that one. If they want pervert tv that badly, then they can, you know, get their own damn place to watch it.


Got it this morning for the first time ever. Yay freebies for hospital providers! Feel 8 million times better, had a rockingly productive group, and starting to maybe like my job is actually worthwhile and I actually do help people. Maybe. :P

Had a ridiculously stressful weekend, so this is a nice change. :) Got rear-ended on the way home, and I was all twisty and tense, so the back is still stiff and sore. Really wanted to do yoga or gym today, but I don't know how soon I should try exercise with back all wonky. Meh. See, the universe wants me to lounge around and pig out on Easter candy, it does!

Anyone interested in a trip to Shenandoah Brewery this weekend or sometime soon? I want to learn to make my own beer.

I'm back from sunny California

San Diego was lovely, the conference wasn't bad if you interpreted it as ironic, and now I'm busy as shit at work. So, the brief rundown.

The Good: Bonobos!!!!!!!!
The Bad: Margaritas with flies and broken glass
The Ugly: My bright red chest and nose are peeling.

You know you're a geek when...

You clickety your flist, and the first three entries that pop up are three separate people telling you that the man who invented D&D died.


EDIT: First four entries. The geekfest, it continues...

Zombie dream

So, maybe it was the after effects of the haunted house...but last night, I had a zombapocalypse dream. Starring the cast of It's a Wonderful Life. I can still hear Jimmy Stewart shouting "Mary!" as he macheted a zombie stumbling from the bathroom.

Then the zombies turned into flesh munching bugs ala The Mummy, and one of the psychiatrists from work was there, sacrificing himself to save Jimmy Stewart's daughter.

Also, because it came up this weekend:

When you shower, do you wash between your toes?

Of course, every little piggie must be individually sanitized!
Err...I'm pretty sure some water finds its way there.

A sign?

So, when you start to dream that you're meditating, your body/mind's really trying to tell you something, huh?

I lost my phone.

So if you're calling and I'm not answering, that'd be why. Gah. This is what happens when you try to get yourself together to visit family for the holidays when you're nauseous and dizzy.

It's got to be in the apartment...or a car. Definitely. Really. I hope.


The boss just kicked me out of her office for excessive geekiness, but I think it's uncalled for. So, let's have a poll, shall we?

Poll #1097278 Free Associating Time

I say "Michelle Nichols". You say:

Sounds familiar...
ZOMG! Her name is almost Uhura's! Why isn't everyone else laughing with me?

I suppose you can guess which response was mine?

I thought that was fairly common knowledge, but Brian says no. He does know names like George Takei and Leonard Nimoy, though. So I say he's just being racist. Or sexist. Haven't really decided on which yet.



I go to pick up a package at the front desk, and they also hand me an envelope from our box that says, "Management". And I roll my eyes. See, our utility bill changes every month, so the rent changes a little every month, and sometimes Brian isn't exactly accurate when paying. This month I wrote the check, but he checked online and told me the amount. And apparently he forgot something in between his computer and where I was sitting, because we were $1.18 short.

They've left us the taped letters to the door and all the scary embarrassing make it look they're going to evict us shit. I asked him to pay them their goddamn $1.18, since he leaves for work after the office opens. And I see the letter and think, "Crap, he still didn't pay them!"

I rip open the envelope...and see the letter demanding their $1.18 stapled with 2 crumpled, torn dollar bills (one of which was scotch-taped) and a handwritten note saying, "We do not accept cash." And I cracked up.

I love my smart-assed boyfriend. :)

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